V-Belt Supply Testimonials

I really appreciate your EXCELLENT customer service! Within minutes of placing my order I had someone call me to confirm. I will definitely recommend your business to others! Keep up the wonderful and amazing work!!

Hillary from The Home Depot

In our 106 years of business we have had some very fortunate occurrences, one of those being introduced to V-Belt Global Supply. Since we have been purchasing v-belts from V-Belt Global Supply, our belts have lasted longer, and have cost less than the belts we previously used. It has been the best of all worlds, better belts, less cost, excellent service, and a great staff. You can’t go wrong by using V-Belt Global Supply, I highly recommend them.

Randy from Kansas

I wish to thank V-belt for the belts I ordered recently for my motorized wheelchair; I call them my victory belts. They have allowed me to be mobile again. I mentioned your company to Chair Care who repairs motors and supply parts for our wheelchairs, but could NOT find belts for our type of wheelchair. Thank you so much for helping me and I will be ordering more belts from you. Go, Victory belts! Thanks so much!!

Lynda from Tennessee

Since we started ordering our belts from Vbelt supply our belt cost have dropped dramatically and the service life has gone up. We have Cooling Towers that were giving us vibration and noise problems. we were preparing to take them down and change motors or bearings. We had good luck with your belts on our other equipment so we changed them. You would think we had new towers.

Thanks Dennis from Alabama

I just want to tell you how satisfied I am with your service. The truth is that I am not one of your BIG money customers,I am just a general handy man, jack of all trades type, but I recently ordered two 3L160 belts for my garage door opener and they were a PERFECT fit!From now on when I need Belts I am going to you. I will spread the word about you guys to all of my other friends as I know a lot of maintenance men, building superintendants, etc and someone is always looking for a belt!

Thanks John from New Jersey

I ordered AX97 belts last week for deck drive of a 40yr old garden tractor. They ended up being at the limit of adjustment range, so I ordered AX96. Received a call to check & make sure there was no problem with original order, and see if I needed help. I am extremely impressed by this level of concern and service. Thanks to all concerned, & keep up the good work!

Thanks Fred from Montana

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the quick delivery of the 109 inch V-belt I ordered from you. Please note that this is an almost exact (better) replacement for my 2006 Troy-Bilt riding lawnmower belt. It is the same length, but since it is made of Kevlar, and wrapped, it does not have the issues the "original equipment" belt has. You might want to drop by your local Lowe's or Home Depot to look at their selection of replacement V-belts, and then offer the part numbers online as replacement belts (using your own belt numbers with exact lengths as equivalents). My lawnmower is model 13AX60TG766, the original Troy-Bilt belt number is 754-04045, the current part number is 954-04045, and it is the "same" as your part number A107K / 4LK1090.
Thanks Again!

Thanks Lee from New York

Wow! Not only did i get my belts sup fast, I received a call from an actual person confirming my order. i am super impressed and will definitely order from VBeltSupply.com in the future. Thanks again!

Thanks Joshua from Kansas

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