About Us

V-Belt Global Supply, LLC. is an internet-based full-service company headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD. We began our eCommerce operations in February 2009. Our core business is partnering with purchasing and maintenance departments, engineers, as well as with supply companies to provide belting solutions, industrial goods, and education for your projects and your customers. Our partnerships include End Users, OEMs, Manufacturers, Mining & Aggregates, Construction, Oil & Natural Gas, Logging & Forestry, Municipalities, Recyclers, Oil Services Companies, Agriculture Retailers, Lawn & Garden, HVAC, Exporters, and many other industries.

With over 10,000 business clients, including Monsanto, University of Texas, Department of Homeland Security, Motion Industries, Grainger, General Mills, Alcoa, Caterpillar, and British Petroleum; our belt teams can find solutions for any company, big or small. While our company fulfills orders all over the world, we are a "small business" – both at heart and in a very literal sense of the word. Above all else, we value our customers and their best interests. Let us help you find the belting solutions you need!

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