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There are multiple different styles of belts on the market. Some common and some not so common. The two most common styles of v-belts are classic v-belts and wedge v-belts. Classic v-belts are designed with a shallow groove for applications in the lower horsepower range. Commonly used in industries like manufacturing, lawn & garden, and facility maintenance. Wedge v-belts are designed with a deeper groove to increase its power transmission capability. Common industries are aggregates, oil field supply, and concrete.

There are two different ways to label a belt. For example, you can have a belt labeled A50 or 4L520. They are going to be the same belt, just a different label. The inside measurement assigned to a classic belt, such as the A50, is going to be the most accurate measurement of the belt. Classic belts are the only belt that uses the inside measurement to determine the name of the belt.

While it is preferred that we have part numbers to get you replacement belts, it is not necessary. There are multiple ways to determine what belt you need. If the belt is not available, we can still steer you in the right direction. For example, if you have a two pulley system, all we need is the center to center distance of the two pulleys and the diameter of each pulley. We can then determine the length of the belt you will need. Supply us with the top width of the belt and we will get you the belt you need to replace your old belt.

The answer is simple, we cut out the middle man. Most companies purchase from a vendor, who purchased from a vendor, who purchased from a vendor. We bring you quality products at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer.

In short – they're made all over the world. Despite popular belief, the majority of belts are made outside of the United States. Manufacturers such as Gates are allowed to label their products as made in the US because they manufacture at least 10% of their products, not just belts, in the US. All of the products we sell are ISO:9001 certified and meet the strictest quality control measures.

Simply put, the only difference between most belt manufacturers is the color of paint on the belt. There are brand specific products such as Gates Poly Chain and Gates Power Curve belts, but most manufacturers sell an equivalent that performs well and meets all standards of the original product.

We prefer to use part numbers; model information can be useful in locating the proper fitment part for your machine. If by chance we cannot look up your specific model, watch our two-minute video on how to measure a v-belt.

Shipping within the Continental US:
Ground: 3 - 5 Business Days
Three Day Select: 3 Business Days
2nd Day Air: 2 Business Days
Next Day Air: 1 Business Day
Next Day Air Early: 1 Business Day before 9AM

International Shipping
UPS Worldwide Expedited: 2 - 5 Business Days
UPS Worldwide Saver: 1 - 3 Business Days
UPS Worldwide Express: 1 - 3 Business Days
International Economy: 4 - 6 Business Days
International Priority: 1 - 3 Business Days
*UPS and FedEx standard shipping days are Monday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays are not considered standard shipping days. Depending on the time of day you purchase, shipping dates may start the next day.

*UPS standard shipping days are Monday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays are not considered standard shipping days. Depending on the time of day you purchase, shipping dates may start the next day.

The major difference between kevlar and polyester v-belts is the material used to give the belt its strength. In a standard v-belt, polyester cords are used to give the belt its strength and rigidity. Kevlar v-belts use aramid fibers to increase the strength and flexibility of the belt. Applications that utilize a backside idler pulley or have a 90° turn, Kevlar is recommended.

Belts will crack and peel if they have been exposed to either excessive heat or exposure to oil. Proper storage of belts will help increase the life expectancy of your belts. Learn more with our Troubleshooting Guides.

It is hard to determine how long a belt will last and it all depends on the application the belt is used on. For example, a v-belt or timing belt on a rock crusher may last for 500 hours and a belt on a lawn mower may only last 50 hours.

There are several different methods on how to measure a v-belt. Please visit our Resources & Troubleshooting Guides.

Yes, you can return your belt with an approved RMA. Please see our Shipping and Return Policy.

Gates has implemented a 24-48 hour lead time on any order that is shipping out of a Gates warehouse. This is out of our control and is affecting every company that orders directly from Gates. Please be aware of the lead time and plan accordingly. Due to these vendor requirements, please allow 3 to 5 days for fulfillment and shipping on all Gates belts orders. A minimum order amount of $300 is required.

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