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The HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) industry is a demanding industry that contains a large variety of applications. Every drive set-up brings a unique set of challenges. Several applications often expose HVAC v-belts to exterior open environments, such as rooftops, where temperatures can vary and change dramatically throughout the year. Our industrial v-belts are made for these extreme environments and not only keep your machines running, but also protect the machines from destroying themselves under the application's stress, as well as its surroundings.

As you may have guessed, HVAC applications use a wide array of different sizes and styles of v-belts. Two of the most common styles of belts you'll find for HVAC applications are classic (standard) belts and cogged belts. Classic v-belts are a common industry standard and are normally price effective. Cogged belts will usually run more optimally on smaller diameter pulleys due to their high flexibility, making them perfect for the most intricate applications.

Our banded v-belts are designed with your HVAC operations in mind. From maintenance-free, energy-efficient belt engineering that limits your overall costs, to high-quality design and builds that reduces your operational downtime, V-Belt Global Supply'sindustrial-strength v-belts deliver results to the HVAC world. As usual, our team of industry and product experts is looking forward to helping you find the perfect v-belt solution for your specific HVAC operations.

We help HVAC companies with

  • In stock guarantee program
  • Maximizing uptime
  • Minimizing carrying costs
  • Machine Maintenance Schedules
  • Discount Purchasing Programs
  • Personal Account Manager
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