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Mining & Aggregates V-BeltsMining & Aggregates V-Belts

The mining and aggregate industry is the most demanding industry when it comes to power transmission products. With high shock loads and dirty, corrosive environments, this industry requires durability and stability. V-Belt Global Supply is a leading supplier for cost-effective and quality industrial grade v-belts. From standard applications to the heavy duty applications, we will help you procure the products you need. Our mining and aggregate machine belts not only keep your machines running, but also protect the machines from destroying themselves under the tons of pressure they produce.

Our banded v-belts are designed with your mining operations in mind. From maintenance-free, energy efficient belt engineering that limits your overall costs, to high-quality design and build that reduces your operational downtime, V-Belt Global Supply's industrial-strength v-belts deliver results to the mining and aggregates world. Per usual, our team of industry and product experts is looking forward to helping you find the perfect v-belt solution for your intricate mining operations.

We help mining & aggregates companies with

  • In stock guarantee program
  • Maximizing uptime
  • Minimizing carrying costs
  • Machine Maintenance Schedules
  • Discount Purchasing Programs
  • Personal Account Manager
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