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How to measure V-Belts

Each and every application that uses a v-belt needs a certain belt to run properly. There are two measurements that we need to make sure that you get the proper belt. Those measurements are length and width. This video below will explain how to properly measure each of these variables.

Kevlar vs Standard V-Belts

Kevlar belts are created to be stronger than standard v-belts. In a Kevlar belt, the normal polyester cords are replaced with the much stronger Kevlar cords. When using machinery with a back side idler, the belt takes a beating and normal belts can wear out faster. Kevlar belts are made to last longer in these situations.

Cog vs Standard V-Belts

Cogged v-belts are like standard v-belts. The main difference is the cogs that are cut into the belt. Too many applications these “cogs” are vital to ensuring the long life of your belt. A cogged belt wraps around a small pulley much easier than a standard belt. Cogged belts are also very good at dissipating heat.

Timing V-Belt Measurement

Timing Belts are specific to each machine that they are on. There are three different measurements that are necessary for you to get the right belt that you need. This first measurement that is needed is pitch. Pitch is the center to center measurement of two teeth that are next to each other. The other two measurements are length and the number of teeth over the whole belt. With these three measurements we can get you the proper belt at VBeltSupply.com.

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