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Inch Pitch Double Sided Timing Belts

For sizes and availabilty please call - (888) 291-5450

DXL Pitch
  • Manufacturing Range: 14.4"-61.6" LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 348DXL037
  • 348: 34.8" LP*
  • DXL: .2" Between Teeth
  • 037: 3/8" Top Width
DL Pitch
  • Manufacturing Range: 14.3"-88.1" LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 450DL075
  • 450: 45" LP*
  • DL: .375" Between Teeth
  • 075: 3/4" Top Width
DH Pitch
  • Manufacturing Range: 14.5"-170" LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 840L150
  • 840: 84" LP*
  • DH: .5" Between Teeth
  • 150: 1 1/2" Top Width
DXH Pitch
  • Manufacturing Range: 50.7"-154" LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 1260DXH300
  • 1260: 126" LP*
  • DXH: .875" Between Teeth
  • 300: 3" Top Width

HDT Double Sided Timing Belts

For sizes and availabilty please call - (888) 291-5450

D5M Series
  • Manufacturing Range: 350mm-3750mm LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 710-D5M-25
  • 710: 710mm LP*
  • D5M: 5mm Between Teeth
  • 25: 25mm Top Width
D8M Series
  • Manufacturing Range: 352mm-4000mm LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 1040-D8M-50
  • 1040: 1040mm LP*
  • D8M: 8mm Between Teeth
  • 50: 50mm Top Width
D14M Series
  • Manufacturing Range: 826mm-4326mm LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 1750-D14M-115
  • 1750: 1750mm LP*
  • D14M: 14mm Between Teeth
  • 115: 115mm Top Width

T Type Double Sided Timing Belts

For sizes and availabilty please call - (888) 291-5450

DT5 Series
  • Manufacturing Range: 350mm-1520mm LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 10DT5/980
  • 10: 10mm Top Width
  • T5: 5mm Between Teeth
  • 980: 980mm LP*
DT10 Series
  • Manufacturing Range: 215mm-1520mm LP
  • Sample Belt Size: 10T5/800
  • 10: 10mm Top Width
  • T5: 5mm Between Teeth
  • 800: 800mm LP*

Custom top width timing belts available. Open ended timing belts available
in 10-15-25mm Top widths, call (888) 291-5450

T Type Double Sided Timing Belts

Double sided timing belts are constructed with a highly flexible neoprene backing that provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance. This is important if any power is transmitted from the back of the neoprene timing belt. The backing also protects the tensile cords against moisture, grease, oil, dirt and any foreign object that may come in contact with the belt.

These belts are constructed with fiberglass tensile cords to guarantee dimensional stability to eliminate take up adjustments. The teeth of the timing belt are formed of oil and heat resistant neoprene and have a shear resistance equal to the tensile strength of the belt. Tooth design and tight manufacturing tolerances provide a consistent thickness and a constant circular pitch to assure full surface contact between the belt and pulley for optimal running characteristics.

In some applications, a stronger tensile cord may be required such as kevlar or steel. More often than not the belt number will specify whether a stronger tensile cord is required. If you think that your application might need a stronger tensile cord, call our belt experts and see how it could benefit you.

*Standard timing belts can not be used in lue of Gates Poly Chain Belts. They are designed to work in extremely high torque and high horsepower situations.

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