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How to Measure a V-Belt
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V-Belt Measurement Diagram

Today I want to answer some of the questions on how to measure a belt so that you can get the proper replacement belt. If you have access to a belt measuring tool that would be the best, otherwise here are three ways that you can properly measure your belt. The three ways that we are going to cover for measuring your belt are using a cloth tape measure, a regular tape measure and a regular piece of string. (:32)First, when measuring a belt you must mark where you start the measurement so that it is accurate. Once you have your starting point measured wrap the cloth tape measure around the belt once and that will give you the outside circumference. (:51)If you do not have access to a cloth tape measure, the next best thing is to unroll your belt on to a hard tape measure once. The one thing you do not want to do when using a hard tape measure is try and wrap the tape around the belt, this will give you an inaccurate measurement. (1:10)The last way to measure your belt is if the belt is still on the machine and you don’t want to take it off. Take a piece of string that you know will fit around the belt and wrap it once around the whole thing. Then you take your piece of string and measure it with a regular tape measure. The last measurement that we will need is the width. All you have to do is take your tape measure and put it across the top of the belt. With those two measurements, the outside circumference and width we can get you the proper belt for your application at VBeltSupply.com.


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Classic Banded
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Wedge Belts
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Wedge Banded
3V - 5V - 8V
Metric V-Belts
Pix Kevlar
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Micro V-Belts
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Cogged V-Belts
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